Treatment of Eye Disease

An eye disease can affect anyone at any age.  When left untreated, the disease can progress to a point where it can no longer be cured, resulting in permanent vision loss.  Proper screening, detection and early treatment are the best ways to prevent an eye disease from damaging your valuable eyesight.

Many common eye diseases are discovered by us during routine eye exams, and patients are often unaware of the severity of their problems.  These include:

Diabetic Eye Disease
Age Related Macular Degeneration
Retinal Detachment
Eye Nerve Disease
Amblyopia (Lazy-Eye)
Vascular Eye Disease
Internal and External Infection
Contact Lens Infection or Irritation
Corneal Degeneration
Embedded Foreign Material
Dry Eye
Conjunctivitis (Pink-Eye)
Eyelid Disorders
Cancer in and Around the Eyes

These and many other eye diseases are treated by us in a variety of ways.  We may prescribe medication, perform minor procedures, recommend therapy, suggest nutritional support or refer for surgery.  Diagnostic tests may be administered in our office or ordered through our associated facilities to pinpoint problems and proceed to treatment more effectively.

Our licensed doctors are experienced in all types of eye diseases and their relationship to overall health.  Many eye diseases are caused by underlying general health problems and proper management may be centered on improving the patient’s general well being.  In cases where the eyes are affected by other health problems, such as diabetes, we join with other doctors to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

Eye diseases can present quickly or slowly and the best medicine is always prevention. Thorough routine monitoring with our advanced methods minimizes the risk to eye health and aids in the selection of proper treatment.