Senior Vision Care

Vision Care for Seniors is a Special Concern


Throughout life, our vision is always changing.  The quality of our vision and the ways we use our eyes can make a big difference in our everyday lives.  Eyes that have “seen it all” need close attention to stay healthy and remain protected from sight-threatening diseases.  Vision problems can present at any time in life, but they are more common and usually more serious as we get older.  What might seem like a simple concern one day can quickly become a much larger problem if it isn’t treated early.

Vision care for seniors is different than vision care for children or young adults.  Eye exams need to be more frequent as we age, even when our vision seems fine.  Some of the more important eye health diseases that occur during our senior years include cataracts, dry eyes, glaucoma and macular degeneration, but they don’t always start with blurry vision.  Care for these problems requires ongoing care with doctors that are knowledgeable in the many unique eye disorders that seniors face.

Our doctors are available to help you understand your eyes as they continue to change at every stage in life.  Our primary goal is to help you maintain clear, comfortable vision for everything you do.  With the many new advancements in the treatment of aging vision, it helps to know that Drs. Garfield and Bradley Eye Care provides vision care specifically designed for seniors.  Contact us or call to arrange an appointment and find out what’s available to help you with your special vision care needs.