Safety Eye Protection

Eye Safety is Everyone’s Concern, and Drs Bradley and Garfield Eye Care is in the forefront of eye protection for everyone from little kids to big companies!

We have protective eyewear for prescription and non-prescription wearers available for a wide variety of occupations and activities.  Our range of options includes smarter choices for your dress eyewear all the way up to industrial-strength impact-resistant safety shields.


For Kids and Active Patients there are new lens materials that are safer and more likely to protect the wearer due to their ability to resist shattering.  To reduce the risk of injury even more, highly active patients should chose frames with a full rim that that goes all the way around the lens.  Frames that don’t go all the way around the lens will break more easily.  Full rim frame styles are safer for kids or anyone more likely to dislodge their glasses in unexpected situations.  We are often asked, “What’s the right age for my child to wear a rimless frame.”  The answer isn’t easy.  It depends on the activities and situations your child is involved in and how responsible they are with their own affairs.  Children that are often in the company of other highly active kids are more likely to be struck by flying objects and bounced around physically.  Young adults and patients that are normally less active can enjoy the lighter weight and styling of rimless frames more safely.

For Patients with Reduced Vision in One Eye, protecting the better seeing eye against any injury should always be the first concern.  For this reason, safer and more resilient lens materials like polycarbonate and Trivex are recommended.  Patients with vision in one eye should be certain to wear proper protective eyewear in risky situations, even if they normally don’t wear glasses at all.

Consider Contact Lenses for Sports to reduce the risk of eye injury and maximize vision performance.  Contacts provide a more natural form of vision correction that reduces the perceptual problems associated with eyeglasses.  Contacts are also safer in another respect because they’re unlikely to shatter or break near the eyes like glasses.

For Sports Participation or when Contact Lenses Cannot be Worn there are sport goggles designed especially for durability and protection that are available in many styles, colors and prescriptions.  Sport goggles provide better protection for the athlete in situations where delicate dress eyeglasses could more easily break and injure the eyes or surrounding area.

Sports eye injuries are far more common than most people realize and the results are often devastating.  Shooting, motorcycling, golf, racket sports and other fast-paced activities with small moving objects are the situations most likely to injure the participant.  Don’t rely on your delicate dress eyeglasses to handle the rough stuff.  We have frame and lens combinations specifically designed for these purposes and many other types for a wide variety of uses.

For True Industrial-Grade Eyewear that’s Fully Approved by OSHA/ANSI Government Safety Inspectors, nothing can protect your eyes better than true safety glasses.  Fortunately, they don’t have to look like your grandfather’s glasses from the 60’s!  The variety of styles and materials we can offer will truly surprise you.  We have anti-corrosive frames, wrap around frames, office style frames, frames with removable side shields, tinted options and all of the features you’d want in your nicest dress glasses – all with professional-grade protection built right in!  Our lenses are made to the toughest industry standards and they’re available in any prescription and all materials to match your work requirements.  We can even have prescription lenses made for your personal mask or hood insert.  Just stop by and we’ll explain which safety eyewear matches your specific task.