Lasik Consultation

When glasses and contacts just aren’t for you, there are options

Drs. Bradley and Garfield Eye Care has partnered with some of the region’s most talented surgeons to offer Lasik refractive surgery consultation and co-management services.

Lasik often makes sense for patients that cannot benefit from standard corrective lenses due to certain occupations and activities.  Wearing glasses can pose obvious problems in situations where safety or performance are of the utmost importance.  For instance; a police officer can’t afford to have his glasses knocked off in a scuffle, a baseball player wearing contacts can’t take a face full of dust off the infield very safely and a deep sea diver might find it difficult to rely on diving goggles without fear of losing vision in the wrong circumstances.  The vision benefits of refractive surgery may go beyond the convenience of freedom from glasses.  Sometimes visual clarity is improved beyond traditional lenses.

The decision to pursue Lasik is popular but isn’t the only refractive option available today.  In cases where Lasik is not possible, new methods of refractive surgery are now possible that can yield similar and sometimes better results.  Our doctors are able to provide you with an understanding of these alternatives.

The combination of a refractive surgeon and a doctor of optometry is commonly regarded as the best combination of care for patients pursuing refractive surgery options.  The error in your vision system is more than just the combination of numbers in your prescription.  Our optometrists understand how your vision is expected to change as your eyes grow older.  These are important concerns that should not be casually overlooked in your desire to correct an immediate vision problem.  Our vision is a complex system that must meet a wide variety of demands and the ability to see down the road clearly is only one of those demands.  Remember that all patients require corrective lenses as they age and refractive surgery may not allow you to avoid glasses or contacts forever.  Also, because Lasik and other eye surgeries are risky, it’s essential to known that the choice can lead to ongoing discomfort and permanent vision loss.  Understanding these risks is essential to reaching a smart decision.

We welcome your interest in Lasik and other refractive procedures and are happy to help you discover all your options.  Our doctors can help you make a confident choice.  If you decide it’s right for you, we can help manage of your care before, during and after the surgical process and for the many years that follow.