Eye Health Exams

Dr Garfield giving an eye examHaving your eyes checked regularly is the key to maintaining clear, comfortable vision.  At Drs. Bradley and Garfield Eye Care, your eye exam is performed by a licensed eye doctor with a thorough knowledge of eye health and vision disorders, and a clear understanding of how your general health and medications affect your ability to see.

How your vision affects your lifestyle is equally important.  Your doctor should take the time to listen to you and really understand how you use your eyes before assuming what’s best for you. This careful attention to your special needs is what leads to a precise and successful result.

Your exam will include:

  • A complete eye health history, including general health and medications, family  history and a review of your symptoms
  • Measurement of the clarity of your vision, your color vision, your 3-dimensional vision and your peripheral vision
  • Tests of your eye coordination, muscle control and your nerve function
  • Refractive testing to determine the exact lens prescription that gives you the clearest and most comfortable vision
  • Examination of outside of your eyes, the surrounding structures and inside the front of your eyes to check for possible diseases including glaucoma and cataracts
  • Examination deep inside your eyes with the use of eye drops (dilation) to check for other disorders including nerve damage, retinal degeneration and vascular diseases such as diabetes
  • Additional tests may be recommended depending on your unique situation

After the exam, the doctor will review of the outcome of the exam to explain how your vision, eye health and overall health are all related to each other and whether your condition could benefit from a specific treatment.

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