Eye Surgery Co-management

Combining our knowledge of your vision and eye care needs with the skill of an experienced surgeon

We’re fortunate that we all live in a community served by many excellent eye surgeons.  Because surgical skills and methods vary, it’s important to understand your options before you choose who to trust with your care.  There are many different types of surgeries for cataracts, glaucoma, corneal disorders, retinal disease and refractive conditions.  Our primary eye care doctors have co-managed tens of thousands of patients with these and many other eye health conditions that require secondary eye care through eye surgery.  We communicate with your surgeon directly to insure that your care is complete and that the expected outcome is accurately predicted.

At Drs. Bradley and Garfield Eye Care, we know your eye history and your vision needs.  The mechanics of how your eyes see is important and is rightfully addressed by an experienced surgeon, but the way you use your eyes goes beyond their simple structural components. Your long term vision history must be taken into consideration.  When we communicate your unique vision history with your surgeon before surgery, the risks of the procedure are reduced and your final vision results can improve.

When your eye condition requires the skill of an experienced eye surgeon, let our doctors help you through the process.  The benefits are yours to see.